Preservation NJ Includes Graydon on its Preservation List and Ridgewood Voters Choose Preservationist Candidates

 Yes, you can make a difference in local politics.  If you don’t believe that, see what just happened in Ridgewood (Bergen County) last night.  Click here for more information about the victories.

 In a hotly contested municipal election involving four candidates running to fill two Council seats, the winners were the community organization supported candidates –who among many other things both publicly supported preserving an important local landmark –the Graydon Pool.

The pool –which is actually a three acre naturally fed water body surrounded by sand, was under attack when the  Ridgewood administration raised the possibility of entombing the structure with concrete.  The two candidates who were not elected apparently supported this plan –and at a minimum did not oppose it.  That failure to oppose was heard very loudly by Ridgewood voters.

 The two successful candidates openly (and we think quite correctly) opposed any effort to transform this natural, important landmark into a concrete pool. (The pool is really beautiful and has served the community for generations.  Many local residents have strong memories attached to this landmark.)

 Apparently, this issue meant a great deal to local voters – and in interviews some voters stated that the Graydon issue was an important one in deciding which way to vote. 

 Both successful candidates were supported by our client –the Preserve Graydon organization. Great Job Preserve Graydon!    They were both supported by another local Ridgewood community organization.

 If you were in doubt –people do care about local landmarks –about local features that are significant and distinguish their communities, and the environment.  The two successful candidates won by a very nice margin.

 Our hats go off to these two excellent candidates.  And of  course, to our amazing local community organization and other community organizations that dared to form and be heard.


May 2010 UPDATE:    Preservation NJ has placed Graydon on its Top 10 List of  Sites that Need to Be Preserved

Read Preservation NJ’s documentation regarding Graydon Pool 

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